Web Traffic Analysis

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Web Traffic Analysis

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You have built your presence on the web, set up an online store, presented your services online. What's next? You need to measure your presence on the web to see how successful you are in achieving the goals you planned to achieve. Web traffic analysis tools can help you with this . The most popular solution is certainly Google analytics . What do these tools do? They help you monitor and measure what visitors do on the site in order to achieve business strategies. Analytics measures the performance of all types of internet marketing: within search, advertising, network monitoring. It measures site visitors throughout the entire process of visiting certain web pages, from the moment a person visits the site for the first time to the moment they leave it.

Web analytics help you measure what happens at each step of the customer journey. How do they find out about your site? From which search Canada Phone Number Data engines do they find you and which pages do they come to. It is also extremely important how visitors react to the site, whether they interact when they come to the website. Analytics also provide answers there. For example, you can see that users come to a page in large numbers but leave it very quickly. This means that they do not interact well and therefore the page does not fulfill its purpose. Analytics also measure whether users are performing the tasks you want to achieve.

For example, maybe your goal is to get as many visitors as possible to sign up for your email newsletter, or you want to analyze which products are sold the most in the online store. " Conversion " is the term used to describe what happens when a site visitor achieves a goal. Web analytics tools analyze a large amount of data about visitors and what happens on the site. It provides information that can help you take advantage of conversions. Search engines are one of the most important sources of traffic for most websites. You can track whether you're getting more or less of that search engine traffic over time. Analytics provides answers to all these questions.
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