Skiffington Hill engagement?

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Re: Skiffington Hill engagement?

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she was a good pony rider. she had a drug problem pretty much anyone and everyone knew about it along with her brother who also was a mess. the stylist thing is a joke and so is she.
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Re: Skiffington Hill engagement?

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Goldlinksmile wrote: Tue Jan 03, 2023 5:11 am I guess that will be a fun wedding to look forward to if your “cool enough to be apart of their cool girl gang :roll: :roll: And also if the bride would wear one of the wedding dresses from, like the champagne wedding dress that is very stunning from their site.

Heard he’s a wonderful man & very supportive of the horses.
Any more we know abt this mans?
Skiffington seems to be happy as ever now that she’s out of her god mothers thumb. I bet that was tiring having tiring babysitting SG and her child boyfriend.
Good for her, looks like she gotten her shit together and a stong support team. Who is the baby they cart around everywhere? Anyways being Nosy… she sure was a star of the original diva. A little birdy told me their house is the fun spot in wellington. Won’t be cool enough to be invited to the popular girls house… I see their instagrams and they have full make up / hair teams and all… lol but she a celebrity stylist could we expect anything else from this princess? Who are her trainers? And did she secretly have a baby!!?
That is all :lol:

It sounds like there's a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming wedding! It's always fun to look forward to joyful events like that. As for the groom, it's great to hear that he's a wonderful man and supportive of horses. Having a supportive partner can make a significant difference.

Regarding Skiffington, it seems she's doing well now that she's out from under her godmother's wing. It's nice to see her thriving and having a strong support team around her. As for the baby they're often seen with, I'm not sure about the details. It's possible they have chosen to keep that information private.

It's interesting to hear that the house of this celebrity stylist is considered the fun spot in Wellington. They must have a vibrant social circle. And yes, celebrities often have dedicated teams to help with their hair and makeup. It's part of their profession, after all.

Regarding trainers, I'm not familiar with the specific trainers they work with. They might have their preferred trainers based on their individual needs and goals.

As for the rumor about secretly having a baby, I don't have any information on that. It's best to rely on verified sources for accurate news.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and curiosity. If there's anything else you'd like to discuss, feel free to let me know! 😊
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Re: Skiffington Hill engagement?

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What’s the deal with Skiffington changing her name to Spencer on socials??
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