Scandal aftermath… what happens?

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Scandal aftermath… what happens?

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Curious if anyone knows. What happens to the barns and riding programs that were associated with these individuals charged and/or convicted of these horrible crimes involving minors? Do they shut down? Get rebranded? Does the facility force the training program to leave the property? Even if they aren’t convicted, I can’t imagine any parent feeling comfortable allowing their child ride with those trainers. So disturbing. My heart goes out to all the victims and those affected by one individual’s poor choices.
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Re: Scandal aftermath… what happens?

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You would be surprised. Looks like anything goes in the Southwest. How do you have a facility full of children when your husband is both banned by Safesport and facing felony sexual assault charges with minors? They can attempt to keep them from USEF events but as long as people are willing to continue to allow pedophiles around children this will continue to happen. The worst is other professionals in the industry keeping ties to these individuals and allowing them on their properties where minors are present. How is it the parents of children in these programs are unaware or don’t care? Considering how hard it is to have criminal charges filed you would have to be crazy to not see the truth. Criminal charges come with bail conditions to try to keep them away from minors but they are not always able to enforce. It’s a failing system.
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