O. King Hackley III

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Re: O. King Hackley III

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mike hunt wrote: Sat Jul 15, 2023 5:00 pm what does the “O” stand for ?? can’t think of anything more pretentious than calling your child or calling oneself “king” unless you really are one.
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Re: O. King Hackley III

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not a great judge. but would make sense based off the fact he hasn’t done much with successful hunters in his life
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Re: O. King Hackley III

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watched him judge at world equestrian center in ocala. not much guesswork there 😂😂😂 not sure why but i have never seen so many hunters knock down jumps as i have there.mostly best of the worst types the day i watched him judge so agreed with most of his choices but it wasn’t a hard bunch to judge.
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Re: O. King Hackley III

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How did this douche bag even get a judges license?
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