Diasti Stables Ocala / Ralea Casperson

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Diasti Stables Ocala / Ralea Casperson

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Stay clear of Diasti Stables, LLC and Ralea Casperson in Ocala, Florida. Since opening barely a year ago, it has remained virtually vacant with 5+ top trainers and 10+ boarders leaving due to safety concerns. With over 70 stalls on site, after another boarder left this week there’s only 10 horses on the entire property and out of 10 apartments only one is rented.

The owners are criminals and con artists. Everyone that has left has the same story: they had a verbal “deal” with Derek Diasti for free dry stalls and one day are stuck with an outrageous bill. If left unpaid they will padlock your horses in the stall and/or your belongings. In addition to hanging fake eviction notices (not court ordered, one they print off google) and coming up with outlandish stories about you when you attempt to leave. Using intimidation tactics if you find out the truth about their operation and con. Derek claims to be an honest businessman; but in reality is a crook who has been sued many times, has at least 5 fake names, and a criminal record.

If you look up the history of this farm and realize John Gotti used to own it and was seized by the FBI for being a cocaine front that may give you pause in living or boarding there. But if you spend any time there you will realize it’s not changed hands. Multiple mysterious deaths since May, arson fires, cons, horses fracturing legs when boarders start to question anything, money laundering, an aggressive manager with an aggressive free roaming pitbull that has sent many boarder dogs to the ER… This place is scary. All the stories around town are true. Don’t fall for their trap. It’s not safe.

Ralea Casperson the manager of this operation has an arena building business (if you can call it that) that has never built a single arena. She claims to have impressive dressage accomplishments that are all fictional. If you look up Gulf Shores Equestrian Center Naples that is permanently closed you will see a pattern of her lies and deception dating back to 2012. Stealing horses, not paying employees, being an inhumane trainer, just to name a few of the reasons she fled Naples and closed her doors there. The only reason she has her current role is because she’s black mailing Derek Diasti with information of his affaire with a local rider (he’s married with kids). She’s an unhappy jealous nobody that needs to go back to Minnesota where she belongs. USEF is currently investigating her for misconduct and horse abuse.

This entire farm needs to be seized again and never reopened. It should be a graveyard for all those that were buried there and left alone. Hopefully eventually Ralea, Derek and Jenn will be taken away in handcuffs for all their crimes but until then warn your Ocala friends to run..don’t walk away from this horrific place.
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Re: Diasti Stables Ocala / Ralea Casperson

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Interesting.....I boarded there and never saw a free roaming pit bull. Craig's dogs ran loose and were not hurt. Craig didn't mention any of these facts. It does seem odd that a beautiful property is so unused. Ralea for sure seems questionable.
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