Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Where can you watch these interviews?
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Would love to see that McClain interview!!!

I'd say that mare came in the ring reeeeaalllly uptight, so I bet these problems started well before getting in the ring. And also, one cannot point the horse at a standard, and expect it to jump. :shock:
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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davignport wrote: Fri Nov 03, 2023 2:00 am That video was hard to watch. The way he was yanking on that poor mare's face was disgusting, even after the round was done. I would hope that he is never selected for another team. Just because he can buy a very expensive grand prix horse doesn't make him a good rider. He needs to go back to the basics. Feel bad for the horse.
He's got that hunched over look like a guy who's barely ridden for 6 months at a local horse show. That mare is magnificent and a saint for packing him around.
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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feathers wrote: Sat Nov 04, 2023 4:36 pm I’d like to see you do better. It wasn’t a bad round at all. I’ve seen much worse out of McLain when he was at Tryon a few weeks ago. Had a El on one horse and faults on another. Breezier crashed her fence and fell off. Why don’t you talk shit about them?

You act like he was riding like Andy Kocher during Spruce Meadows.

Karl went clear the next day. They had an off day. Everyone does and McLain taking a jab at Karl is shitty. Ward should keep his mouth shut cause his daddy killed horses for money.

I don’t mind having an off day. Everyone does. What I mind is there was a serious lack of horsemanship.

McLain and Beezie had bad rounds at Tryon, that’s where you’re supposed to have bad rounds and work it out. Not at the trials. But that’s Ridland’s fault.

I absolutely could not do better, but I do think we have people who could.

That said, I do find it quite cheap that you’re determining what McLain should and shouldn’t do based on his father’s actions. That’s utterly ridiculous.

Ridland at fault for picking an inexperienced combo
Cook at fault for his behavior in and exiting the ring
Ward not at fault for his father’s behavior
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Not Kent. Kent uses electric polling techniques with electric wires above the poles. Horrific. He came late to the barn and made everyone clear out, but no one saw I still was cleaning tack as they were in the ring.
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Yep, he and Andy did a lot with electric. You'd be surprised how many more use those techniques.
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Anyone who uses electrical devices on horses should be banned for life. How sick are you to do this to the horses?
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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Hunterdiva wrote: Wed Nov 01, 2023 8:36 am The look on Robert Ridland’s face on the kiss and cry was priceless. He’s so regretting taking the bribe from Karl’s mom to get him on the team. Also I don’t believe there is a drop score in this format and time is added in. The mare looked like she had been over prepared for sure. But he rode her into a standard and she was like I’m out of here! He had zero control throughout the round but the horse is so careful that she kept most everything up despite his terrible rides to every fence. Why did Lillie Keenan not get selected over this wild card?
I don't think that was Robert in the Kiss and cry, I think Robert watched the warm-up and knew what was about to unfold so did not show up in the kiss and cry, that face with the disgusted look was his longtime coach Eric Navet, who I think has moved back to France...

Who is Signy Ostby?...Why are all the horses in her name? USEF shows that Karl own no horses :roll: ....if Karl is a billionaire, why is he pedaling baseball hats that say "Fuck Off'? and asking this Signy Ostby to buy all his horses? Karl's father is worth $2 bil and is still worth $2 bil, so where did Karl get his mysterious billions from?...something is hokey....
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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She is his mother...
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Re: Karl Cook Pan Am Round

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knockdownandout wrote: Sat Nov 25, 2023 9:03 pm She is his mother...
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: What a complete loser...So he is NOT a billionaire, it's his mommy and pappy who are billionaires!..this all suddenly explains sooo much
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