Chronicle brags on 18yr-old douchebag

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Chronicle brags on 18yr-old douchebag

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Chronicle is promoting the cringiest story I've seen in a while; blowing smoke up some 18yr-old's ass for "saving" an eventing venue, as if an 18yr-old could purchase bubblegum without mommy and daddy handing over the actual funds. ... ting-venue

But the creep factor really came in the following statement: "Because of my parents’ purchase of that land, I was able to grow up on 110 acres of farmland that otherwise would have become 240 homes." as if we weren't in the middle of a historic nationwide housing scarcity, combined with skyrocketing inflation that's affecting both commodities and real estate. :roll: Granted, I wouldn't expect a teenager to know about that, any more than I'd expect them of being capable of purchasing farm land on their own. I'm just wondering what editor thought that THAT would be a great thing to write a fluff piece about, and frame it that way. lol
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Re: Chronicle brags on 18yr-old douchebag

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lol i read about all that and wondered the same thing. hard pressed to think he’s “working” to pay it off perhaps in some capacity. though it’s nice to “save” the property not sure anyone would want to live in bumblefuck vermont anyway.
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