The chronicle yentas

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platinum tiara
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The chronicle yentas

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Is anyone about over the three chronicle yentas?

Veronica finkelstein VXF111 a us Atty and professor at Rutgers Drexel and Emory who spends all her time in the chronicle forums debating with Virginia_Horse_Mom aka jamie barents of Virginia and Alex Langer aka LexinVa. They clearly have nothing to do at work. A bunch of nobodies acting like they are bigwigs. Hiding behind screen names.

I won’t. Helen here!!!!!
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Re: The chronicle yentas

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Meh. That place is loonsville. Been there for 20 years and it’s been dead for a decade. The current events is a cesspool of pseudo intellectuals that are afraid of a cold virus.

It’s basically CNN of the horse world over there.
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Re: The chronicle yentas

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so lame. been on there maybe a handful of times and it’s usually torture.
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