Split Rock splits SHP?

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Split Rock splits SHP?

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In another hissy fit like an eight-year-old stopping its feet because they couldn't get their way, SHP has dropped its affiliation with USEF. And I noticed that the Split Rock show usually at SHP is now at the Paso Robles Horse Park. Did Split Rock leave because SHP dropped its USEF affiliation? And is anybody going to attend SHP shows, or go to Sacramento and attend Sally Hudson's competing dates? Interesting. The only affiliation SHP holds now is PCHA.
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Re: Split Rock splits SHP?

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I kind of thought that was coming from the Split Rock side of things when SHP announced the USEF split. It's not that surprising considering Split Rock usually attracts a decent amount of top level professionals chasing points.

SHP is really conveniently located for bay area/Fairfield area barns and if they don't have any clients who actually have an icicles chance in hell of making USEF year end awards then I dont think the USEF affiliation will really matter much. As someone who just horse shows for fun, whether I get USEF points or not is pretty irrelevant. The only thing I would want in choosing what show to go to is location, quality of facility, amenities etc.

I'm sure some people will go to Sally's shows instead. Murrieta has made some nice improvements to their facility in the last few years and that's an easier drive for people closer to Sacramento and Nevada.

Personally, I'm not giving Sally any of my money. Way too many interactions with her where i walked away thinking "wait, i'm paying you (or your employer) and I'm getting attitude and treated like scum?" No thanks.
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