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Let’s talk MAXWELLS! The good the bad the crazyyy! What do we think definitely better than Teddy's failed attempt with the trophy room. And we definitely needed something, but it’s still miles away from Players level. But I need the opinions! The tea! The dirt!
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it’ll most likely go the way all the ventures of “jenny oz” go which is nowhere. whatever happened to the wellington tavern on the green project ?? her attempt to run the nyc tavern on the green was a joke. think most non new yorkers didn’t realize was it was really a tacky tourist spot and the food really wasn’t very good at all. i think she gave it all a good try but really had no idea what she was doing. the original maxwells plum was cheesy with an odd menu. her father made all those places work but it was an entirely different era. tavern on the green had a lease that was negotiated maybe in the 70s during a downturn and the deal was he just gave a percentage of the restaurant earnings and the russian tea room was in such debt when he died whatever money they got for selling it went straight to repay debts. am sure it will be a great success 😂😂😂
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