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I heard Eric is so mad he can’t get back into Europe with all of these lawsuits and his entire staff and riders turned on him. He is seeking revenge and will not rest until they are shut down like him. He is reporting all of the grooms that are here in usa that do not have legal working visas. Immigration will be paying a visit soon and IRS will be getting a call. He’s turning Brady in for hiring all of the illegal grooms. Eric loves to contact interpool too about previous employees that have crossed him. He will be sure to report anyone that turned on him for working illegally in Europe and not paying taxes. He plans on making everyone’s lives miserable on every continent. What a jerk to bring everyone down with him.
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benzo1 wrote: Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:17 pm
Mystara wrote: Fri Jan 20, 2023 6:38 am Does he still have Mark Rein, or is that relationship toast now too?
the whole rein situation is so bizarre. you have the willard girl training one kid, brady training the mom, hayley doing jumpers at home, and whoever else they have involved. i figured eric still had his hand in the pot with brady and hayley. who even knows
With Nick and Laura now in the picture they can at least clear out all of these nobodies. Why would they need Hayley Beth or Nina? Hayley is riding for Chelskas so she will go back to them probably. Laura is a far better rider and zero ties to Eric so zero problems. The lawsuit states that Beth is a partner in TP Canada so she must be getting sued too… also isn’t she 70? She hasn’t accomplished anything in 30 years. I mean she had 1 win on a horse of Eric’s that he prepared and coached her. Then crashed it and completely broke it 2 weeks later. Also crashed Chacco Kid within a couple weeks of the other horse after his owner told Eric she didn’t want Beth on the horse due to a previous crash. Can anyone name any other rider that has completely broken 2 5* horses in such a short period of time? What pro rider has ever had 2 horses ambulanced out of arenas within a couple of weeks? No results since. And the nobody french girl keeps having to ride the horses they keep buying for Beth that she can’t ride. Laura should just bring in Brian Moggre and get rid of all of these nobodies. He is a far better rider with more results and talent than all of their riders combined. Or quit buying horses for these non producing pros and buy horses for their kid.
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Daisyduke wrote: Sat Mar 18, 2023 11:39 pmShe hasn’t accomplished anything in 30 years.
Wow, that statement took me aback!

I was initially going to respond with "well, she won both the North American championship and Canadian title with Monopoly, not too long ago," but then I realized that that was in 1994... holy fuck, it really has been nearly 30yrs! :shock: :oops:
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